St. Paul Kid

I'm really proud of this project! Everything came together so last minute but we were able to pull it off and create something compelling out of it. Antonio Johnson has a powerful story to tell and is a fantastic orator. His views on life and the way he approaches his work are so unique. I really enjoyed the time we had together and watching him on his journey. 
I couldn't be happier with what everyone brought to the table on this! The direction, the music, the edit, the color all turned out so well and compliment each other.

Directed by: Tony Franklin
Director or Photography: Jonny Stuckmayer
Edited by: Joseph Daniel McMahon
Composer: Joey Verskotzi
Colorist: Oscar Oboza
Gimbal Camera Operator: Travis Higgins
Location Sound: Jennilee Park

Special Thanks to: 
Boxer: Antonio Johnson
Trainer: Dalton Outlaw
Element Boxing
Grand Casino