It was a miserable day to have a 15 pound camera on my shoulder for ten hours. The constant rain found a way to make it past my defenses. I spent my saturday night (which became my sunday morning) taking apart my entire camera rig to make sure there was no sitting water anywhere. That being said, I was thrilled with the footage! I pushed through the mental battle and exhaustion. The challenge to keep my optics dry never ceased. As the sun disappeared and the rain came down even heavier, the mood became magical! My slow motion options and my depth of field were significantly reduced with the low light. In exchange I was given a gift of even harder rain and heavy backlight that created a wonderful atmosphere. Every single frame came alive with the rain dancing through each shot.

I was hired by Ryhmesayers Entertainment and 1 Light films. My role was covering the 2 main stages and the fans at the stage. The official Soundset video was directed by Andrew Melby. The official video contains footage from 8 other DP's/Camera Operators. I don't want anyone to misinterpret all of footage that is seen in the official video as my footage. There are a lot of people involved and I want to make sure that each shooter gets their own credit. This video is my way of showing off only what I captured that day. This piece was wonderfully reinterpreted in the cutting room by Blake Primes. Enjoy! 

Director of Photography: Jonny Stuckmayer
Editor: Blake "Blake Primes" Higgins

This is the official Wrap Up video: