Unilingual - Bakarii

This is the first video I shot with my new Sony FX9. We used this video as a chance to test some new features of the camera.  Music videos have always been a really great testing ground for me.  
For the full review and tech specs check out the Vimeo link.
Unilingual - Bakarii feat. Obi Original
Bakarii - @bakariii
Obi Original- @obi_original
Yoni Light - @yoni.light
Director/DP- Jonny Stuckmayer
Assistant Camera - Byron Banasiak
Gaffer - Douglas Gander
Grip - Timothy Lens
Editor - Mike Turner
Media Collective: Ozone Creations
Kokou Kah- @kokoukah
Ozone Creations- @ozonecreationsmn
Special thanks to:
Dahir and 7th Grocery in St. Paul, Patrick Meehan (for the lenses), Green Screen Studios, Sarah Jean Shervin (for the gorgeous fabrics), Take a Gander, Liza Maya, Korma Afrocontigbo Danse