Waves - NDNI

I ran across ndni online and was hooked. Loved their style and lyrics and character. Next step, book a flight to NEw York and shoot a music video. This was a fun personal challenge. I wanted to keep it as minimal and organic as possible. 1 light, 1 camera, 2 lenses, no crew. My friend, rebekah mulkey, agreed to dance for the project and the concept was born. Vintage Japanese lenses from the 70s and a small footprint to float around the most iconic city in the US and capture as much free production value as possible. marcus Andrew ruiz Signed on to take on the edit and bring some funky fire. To all those struggling in life, we hope this gives you hope and validates your emotions

Band - NDNIĀ 

Dancer - rebekah mulkey

Director/DP - Jonny Stuckmayer

editor - Marcus andrew ruiz