F. Scott

"There are no rules to this thing..." This line from the poem really captures the vibe of the way we embraced this project. It was a conceptual piece that gave us a lot of freedom in imagining the shots and piecing together a story. The director, Josh Kohanek, and I were able to put in some quality pre production time to craft a story and figure out how we could tell it best.

Director: Josh Kohanek joshkohanek.com
Director of Photography: Jonny Stuckmayer jonnystuckmayer.com
B Camera/Gimbal Operator: Travis Higgins travismhiggins.com
C Camera Operator: Josh Kohanek 
Editor: Lauren Josephine laurenjosephine.com
Color and Graphics: Lauren Josephine 
Talent: Taylor Payton & Christian Petit-Frere 
Stylist : Anna Olson 
Casting Agent : Julia Wolfe Skalman (Wehmann) wehmann.com
Voice Over : Tyler Allen 
Location Scout : Charlotte Ariss charlottearisslocations.com