This piece has some good vibes to it. I really put a lot of time and energy into concepting, producing, directing, post supervising, coloring and photographing this piece. It was a joint effort that Bob Hest and I co directed and I shot. It was a 30 second regional broadcast piece that was airing in the middle of the holiday shopping season. The holiday season is over saturated with advertising. In order to stand out locally, we wanted to make a piece that feels like it's airing in the wrong market and doesn't necessarily feel regional. Something that feels like it could be a franchise while retaining a boutique, high end look.

I shot this piece and co directed it with Bob as well as photographed each scene for their print campaign. The photos have been published in Lavender, City Pages, direct mailers and online.  Working under the constraints of a tight budget means that you need to get creative with how you fill every roll on set and what rolls you need to cut.  This piece was driven by the visuals more than a story arc/narrative. As such, I felt that I could confidently fill the role of director/DP and I love to push myself.


Co-Director: Bob Hest 

Co-Director/Director of Photography: Jonny Stuckmayer 

Edit/Graphics/Animation: Lauren Josphine laurenjosephine.com